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Monday, March 16, 2015

Blog Review!

I have been looking at many different blogs about training and caring for pets. While looking at these blogs I found a really awesome blog about rabbits. The another did a great job finding good information and sharing it. The background works great with the pictures. The info in the blog is very helpful and they do seem credible. I cant find the comments on the blog or a place to comment on it. I read some of there post and I found alot more info about caring for rabbits then I knew about. i really like this blog cause of the facts and the pictures on it and if you have just gotten a new rabbit you should defiantly should check it out. in one of her posts she tells all about a rabbits diet and she says a mix of hay vegetables and pellets, will make for a happy and healthy rabbit. the vegetables that rabbits can have are Bok choy' Broccoli leaves (stems or tops can make rabbits gassy), Carrot tops (carrots are high in calcium and should be given sparingly), Celery, Cilantro, Clover, Collard greens, Dandelion leaves, Dill, Kale (sparingly), Lettuce – romaine or dark leaf (no iceberg lettuce and no cabbage), Mint, Mustard greens, Parsley, and Water cress. They also can have some fruit like Strawberries, Raspberries, Bananas, Pineapple, and Apples (no seeds).  she says that the kind of hay the can have are timothy, grass, and oat hays, while younger rabbits should be fed alfalfa. Alfalfa should not be given to adult rabbits because of the higher protein and sugar content. If you would like to check this website out then click here

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Story About our Local Dog Wash!

The other day I took my dog to the dog park, to film her learning a new trick. After a while the lady who owns our local dog groomer BarkyDogz Bath House came with four dogs, one of winch was hers her dog Valentine is a pit bull pup who loves other dogs and people. She had another dog that name's I can’t remember all I can remember was that this dog could not hear. The other too dogs where not hers but they were left with her abandoned by their previous owners. One of them looked to be a miniature pitcher, and the other was a mix but she’s not sure of what.
Well this dog was left with her at her store when she was trying to help the owners find the dog a new place. When she got the dog he had something wrong with the teeth so she took the dog to the vet. The vet took a look at him and said the dog must have been hit by a car or something because his jaw was broken. Now this poor little dog has strangled teeth and she has been trying to find the money to get them fixed. She has started a fund me jar and account to try and make the money. This dog is so cute, and he deserves a good home where the people would take care of him. If I could I would take him in an instant.
The Dog who Can't Hear

I’m not really one to ask this but this dog has goon thru a lot and I think it would be good to help him if you would like to make a donation to help her get the dogs jaw and teeth fixed send money and a letter explaining why you send money and where you heard about it from too 1041 Main St Fortuna, CA 95540. She would really appreciate it and so would the dog. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another Story About My Pup!

Everyone who knows my dog knows she is just a loving dog whose bark is for sure bigger than her bite. She is a hyper little dog and she loves to run, but she will never run too far. We take her up too my aunts all the time and she runs all around her property with her brother. Letting her run and play with her brother is great for us cause after she’s not as hyper. This is the reason we have made her our little pig hunting dog. She runs and plays with all the dogs and it helps her. She’s not only getting much much exercises but she’s not as hyper after.

She loves it she’s off leash and she gets to run knowing she won’t get in trouble but rewarded she knows that its ok to chases wild pigs cause that's what we want her to do. We have thought her what she’s allowed to chase and what she’s not allowed. Soon we are thinking of letting my aunt use her for her cows since she knows how too mostly. She loves it it’s in her nature to. It’s what she was bread to do chase things and we are ok with it as long as she comes back when she’s called.

If we had more property then we would let her run all around but we don't so we take her for lots of walks to the park and even to the dog park which is one of her most favored places.  Everyone who has ever met my dog has said she is the cutest thing but she also is a hand full. No matter what we do she will probably never be a non-hyper dog and we are ok with it we love her the way she is. We think we will bread her cause she would make some really cute pups, and those pups would be great hunting pups. My aunt says even though sunny is really hyper she would take some of those pups.  With how fast sunny got down hunting she would love one of those pups, very little training they would take.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Train your Dog to Army Crawl!

I have been wanting to teach my dog how to be able to crawl under things and fetch them so that I don't have to crawl for her. These tips are the best way to do it.

  1. Grab some treats and your dog and find an area with minimal distractions to begin training. 
  2. Tell your dog "down" and reward him if he complies. 
  3. Kneel by your dog and show your pup a treat. 
  4. Slowly drag the treat along the ground, just in front of your dog's nose, and give her the treat when she scoots forward on her belly to reach her reward.
  5. Keep treats close at hand and remain kneeling by your dog. 
  6. Help your dog creep forward, inch by inch, by luring with a treat. Reward her frequently for success. If your pup stands up to get the treat, simply ask her to "down" again and reward her for lying down
  7. Place the treats on a nearby table and simply use your finger to guide your dog along the ground. 
  8. When your dog has crept forward a few inches, grab the treat off the table and reward her for her hard work. Continue practicing without a treat in your hand until your dog will crawl several feet at a time.
  9. Introduce a verbal cue. After you point to the ground, tell your dog to "crawl" or "commando" or whatever command you choose. Guide your dog along the ground, following your finger..
  10. Continue practicing crawling until your dog will crawl several feet at a time with a hand signal or verbal cue.
My dog took to these really well, it took about 3 weeks and she is now a crawling champ!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Veiw on The Book "Trail of The Wolf"

I read a book called Trail of The Wolf by R.D Lawrence, and in his book he tells stories about his encounters with wolves. It’s really interesting, he is a biologist that studied mostly wolves after he thought he was going to get attacked by them. He did a lot of research on them and wrote this book. In his book he starts off with a story about his first encounter, and then he goes into more of what they are and how they live. I’m not sure how accurate the information is, but I would guess that since he is a biologist it is pretty accurate. I think he must have spent a few years gathering the information and the amazing pictures. He had to spend many hours and much money on it.
Book Cover

I think the information in the book is great. He tells us that wolves are scared of humans and that the biggest why they would attack is if disturbed while feeding, but even then it’s very unlikely that they will attack. The book is broken down very simply, one chapter is about wolves, then the pack, next the family, even a chapter on orphan wolves, and finally a chapter on wolves and humans. Its all in different chapters so if you need a certain thing its in its own chapter. I’m not sure if its different from other books but it is a great book full of information.
Wolf's Google Image

He writes in such a style that it make it easy to understand. He starts off by telling in great detail about his first encounter with a pack of wolves, he called it an awe-inspiring experience. In the story he talks about how he had just moved up to Canada, and they had just had a fresh snow. So he was off to go cut some trees to make money; he clearly stats that he did not have a rifle on him only an axe and a saw. He had gotten to his area and started to cut down a tree, he felt like he was being watched. When he had heard the pack not to far from him. He got on top of his wood pile in hope that he was high enough the wolves wouldn't get him. After a while he felt safe enough to get down, when he went back to his neighbor and asked borrowed his gun, but if you really want to know what happens you will just have to read the book.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How To Train you're Dog Not to Jump

If you have a dog like mine, overly hyper and always jumping, then try some of these tips to get them to stop jumping.

Zak George is a dog trainer with all these great tips and videos on how to train your dog.
He says the root cause of jumping is lack of exercise and mental activity. The dogs are  just wanting to say hi cause dogs like to great you at you'r face.

He also says that you'r dog should know how to sit and stay solidly before.

  1. So the first thing you are going to do is make sure that the dog get zero attention till all four feet are on the ground.
  2. You want to look at the dog in the eyes and react quickly when they jump when they jump you want to remove yourself as quick as you can
  3. While they are sitting you want to try to touch them slowly, if they go to jump turn around and walk away as quick as you can
  4. If you can touch them without them jumping then pet softly or give them a treat.
  5. You must have them learn that they don't get any attention till they sit and stay
To stop you'r dog from jumping on people you must have you'r full attention on you dog and follow these steps

  1. Have the dog sit and stay 
  2. When the dog sits have the person slowly come up to them and pet them
  3. If the dog goes to jump have the person step back and get in-between the dog and the person
  4. Be constantly telling the dog to sit and stay 
  5. Do not let the person pet the dog till all four feet are on the ground 
  6. You can also have the person give them a treat

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Short Story About My Dog!

When I first got my dog she was not even six weeks old. My aunt had just bread one of there best female hunters and there's (and everyone's favorite) male dogs, and out of the litter there was seven pups. We loved to go up there and play with them, so the week before the  people wanting the dogs where coming to get them, my aunt told us they had a few with no homes. So we were allowed to have one.

Sunny is the runt of the litter and she was not my first choice. I wanted the fat fluffy one, but my mom had her heart set on this little tiny girl. So we took her home and while on our way sunny was as quiet as a mouse, we were surprised we had just taken her away from her mom and brothers a week early and she wasn't whining. When we got home the first thing she did was go to the lawn and use the bathroom. We were really confused my aunt said she had not trained them but this 5 week old pup didn't go into the house and do her business inside, she stayed outside and went. At this point is when I knew mom chose the right one.
This was the night we brought her home!

She is smart and well behaved pup, even though she is really hyper. My aunt and uncle think shes ill-mannered, she’s really not, cause she knows what shes allowed to do and what shes not. I love my dog very much and nothing will ever change that. She is the first dog my mom and dad let me train myself and even though I know she won't be coming with me when I move out and go to college. I know when I come back and visit she will still be the same dog that I have came to love very much.
We still have no idea how she got up there!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Veteran Therapy Dog Training

dog training therapy

Rep. Steve Stivers has created a dog training program to help Veterans with  post-traumatic stress. "As a nation, we share a moral obligation to care for our veterans when they return home and to provide them with meaningful therapies to help them deal with any service-related issues they may have — whether physical or mental,I have personally met veterans whose lives have been dramatically improved through working with a service dog," Stivers said in a statement.  They find dogs who have past the test to be a therapy dog's, mostly puppy's, and pair them with a Veteran with PTSD. They hope by doing this it will help the Veterans and maybe make it possibly for them to get jobs and not become homeless.

I fell that they should do this as I have family who are Veterans and even though they do not have PTSD it would still work well. There's nothing that heals people more then a loving companion and dogs are perfect for the roll.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Reson I am Writing This Blog

Like most people I don't really like ill-mannered pets. I also don't like when people can’t care or train their pets the right why. I think people who abuse their pets mostly do it because they don't know how to make their pets listen. My dog loves my little sister because she never punishes her and my sister is always letting her do things that the dog knows she’s not allowed to do. This is because my sister does not know how to train, along with her many of people do this because they’re afraid or don't know when to punish the dog. 

I also think if you are a first time pet owner you should do a lot of research for caring for that certain animal. Not too long ago I got a rabbit a pet. I have wanted a rabbit for half my life, but before I went and picked up my rabbit I got her cage ready and spent much time on the Internet looking up how to train and care for her, now she’s the happiest rabbit I have ever seen.  So instead of spending time you may not have looking for how to train an animal just leave it to me to find the information for you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Three Great Sites with Great Info

These are three sites I found that has great info I will do a few one breads people asked me about.

Dachshund Nola's blog titled "Dachshund Nola" (2011-2015) is a great and helpful site that helps people train the "untrainable" dog. Nola helps you find the best method to train your little dog. she says that the best why she has found that the clicker method is the best why she found to train her dog. Nola is aiming for people who have no idea how to get there miniature dash-hounds' to listen, she states " These dogs are stubborn and all you need is a bit of patience.
PHOTO BY Dachshund Nola and Bella Nola Photography 2011-2015

PHOTO BY Dachshund Nola and Bella Nola Photography 2011-2015


ASPCA's blog "Training Your Cats"  is a very interesting blog it says that you can train a cat like a dog. they trainer says they used the clicker method to train a cat in there shelter and the cat responded well to it. it stat's "A clicker can make training easier and faster." They are looking to find people interested in adopting a pet.

ASPCA Horses

ASPCA's blog "Training Your Horse" explains the easiest way to train a horse. the first paragraph mostly focuses on your safety which is a good thing if you have no experience with horses. the also say take things slow and be patience, patience is something you need for training any animal.they are trying to catch the attention of new horse owners who have no idea what they are doing which is good so that they know the right way to care for there horse.
photo by ASPCA

Things I Didn't Know Till Now!

10 tips to train a dog

This website I found gives ten great tips for training any bread of dogs I find it very helpful. The tips are,
  1. ·         Listen to you dog
  2. ·         Be generous with your affection
  3. ·         Dose he/she really like it?
  4. ·         tell him what you want him to do
  5. ·         be consistent
  6. ·         have realistic expectation
  7. ·         don’t underestimate the benefits of feeding high quality food
  8. ·         you get what you want you reinforce it
  9. ·         bribery vs. reward
  10. ·         and freedom

my dog sunny
The authors’ Traci Theis and Kellyann Conway go into great details on each to the tips and she not only gives tips for training but caring too! The blog is for all breads and if you follow the tips then you find they really work. Each of the tips goes into great detail explaining how it works and what you must do for it to work. They execute it very well and it doesn’t take them log to explain it. After following there great tips my dog has listened better than ever.  As before my dog Sunny (a jack Russell terrier mix) was and still kind is a hypoactive dog these tips helped me and my family control her better.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

why this blog?

What is one thing that we all think about when we get a new pet? For me it’s always how do I train you to do things I want? Sit. Stay.  Lay down. Roll over. Do your business outside.  All things we all want our pets to do, but they won’t do that without continues training. I love all animals but I hate when they miss behave. This is why I train all my pets to know what they can and cannot do. We all have question on how and what tricks we can teach them. Well I will take on these challenges and try to find the best and fastest way to train your pet.

 You may also maybe wondering what’s the best way to care for your pet. I will go over what the right way to care for your pet. The right amount of feed, how often you should take your pet out for exercise (which should be everyday or as often as you can), and how often to groom your pet.  For my blog, I’m going to not only give helpful hints on training a pet but the best way to care for your pet as well.  As I know a lot about training dogs and I will love to try training rabbits, cats, and any pet that you may have questions on how to train or care for. 

If you have any questions or want to suggest an animal you would like to know how to train and care for just leave me a comment.