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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Short Story About My Dog!

When I first got my dog she was not even six weeks old. My aunt had just bread one of there best female hunters and there's (and everyone's favorite) male dogs, and out of the litter there was seven pups. We loved to go up there and play with them, so the week before the  people wanting the dogs where coming to get them, my aunt told us they had a few with no homes. So we were allowed to have one.

Sunny is the runt of the litter and she was not my first choice. I wanted the fat fluffy one, but my mom had her heart set on this little tiny girl. So we took her home and while on our way sunny was as quiet as a mouse, we were surprised we had just taken her away from her mom and brothers a week early and she wasn't whining. When we got home the first thing she did was go to the lawn and use the bathroom. We were really confused my aunt said she had not trained them but this 5 week old pup didn't go into the house and do her business inside, she stayed outside and went. At this point is when I knew mom chose the right one.
This was the night we brought her home!

She is smart and well behaved pup, even though she is really hyper. My aunt and uncle think shes ill-mannered, she’s really not, cause she knows what shes allowed to do and what shes not. I love my dog very much and nothing will ever change that. She is the first dog my mom and dad let me train myself and even though I know she won't be coming with me when I move out and go to college. I know when I come back and visit she will still be the same dog that I have came to love very much.
We still have no idea how she got up there!


  1. This is a really cute story. I have had a dog once I really loved him, he was really behaved as well. I really like your blog I hope to see more of your blog. :)

  2. I’m very glad you love your dog. It’s very good she goes outside than inside. I bet she will be a really behaved dog when she grows up. It was nice to know how you guys got her.