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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Reson I am Writing This Blog

Like most people I don't really like ill-mannered pets. I also don't like when people can’t care or train their pets the right why. I think people who abuse their pets mostly do it because they don't know how to make their pets listen. My dog loves my little sister because she never punishes her and my sister is always letting her do things that the dog knows she’s not allowed to do. This is because my sister does not know how to train, along with her many of people do this because they’re afraid or don't know when to punish the dog. 

I also think if you are a first time pet owner you should do a lot of research for caring for that certain animal. Not too long ago I got a rabbit a pet. I have wanted a rabbit for half my life, but before I went and picked up my rabbit I got her cage ready and spent much time on the Internet looking up how to train and care for her, now she’s the happiest rabbit I have ever seen.  So instead of spending time you may not have looking for how to train an animal just leave it to me to find the information for you.

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  1. I totally agree with you, I hate seeing people mistreating their pets or not knowing how to care for them. If a person decides to care for a living creature then they should learn how to care for it properly. It's great that you chose this to[pic because it can show people the proper way to treat their pets or even have them realize their wrong doing. Great job!