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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Things I Didn't Know Till Now!

10 tips to train a dog

This website I found gives ten great tips for training any bread of dogs I find it very helpful. The tips are,
  1. ·         Listen to you dog
  2. ·         Be generous with your affection
  3. ·         Dose he/she really like it?
  4. ·         tell him what you want him to do
  5. ·         be consistent
  6. ·         have realistic expectation
  7. ·         don’t underestimate the benefits of feeding high quality food
  8. ·         you get what you want you reinforce it
  9. ·         bribery vs. reward
  10. ·         and freedom

my dog sunny
The authors’ Traci Theis and Kellyann Conway go into great details on each to the tips and she not only gives tips for training but caring too! The blog is for all breads and if you follow the tips then you find they really work. Each of the tips goes into great detail explaining how it works and what you must do for it to work. They execute it very well and it doesn’t take them log to explain it. After following there great tips my dog has listened better than ever.  As before my dog Sunny (a jack Russell terrier mix) was and still kind is a hypoactive dog these tips helped me and my family control her better.


  1. Sunny is so cute did she take to the tips right away? Your blog is so good I love reading it.

    1. she did well with the tips but she still is the same old ADHD dog we all know and love

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