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Friday, January 23, 2015

Veteran Therapy Dog Training

dog training therapy

Rep. Steve Stivers has created a dog training program to help Veterans with  post-traumatic stress. "As a nation, we share a moral obligation to care for our veterans when they return home and to provide them with meaningful therapies to help them deal with any service-related issues they may have — whether physical or mental,I have personally met veterans whose lives have been dramatically improved through working with a service dog," Stivers said in a statement.  They find dogs who have past the test to be a therapy dog's, mostly puppy's, and pair them with a Veteran with PTSD. They hope by doing this it will help the Veterans and maybe make it possibly for them to get jobs and not become homeless.

I fell that they should do this as I have family who are Veterans and even though they do not have PTSD it would still work well. There's nothing that heals people more then a loving companion and dogs are perfect for the roll.

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  1. I think it is incredible what animals can do for us. I find it amazing that they can also help us overcome mental illnesses such as PTSD or anxiety. Whenever I am around animals, I can always feel my stress levels drop tremendously. I think paring animals with veterans who have PTSD is an amazing idea. I also believe that this will result in a great amount of help for the veterans. Do you know how long they have been doing this type of therapy? I look forward to reading more of your posts.