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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another Story About My Pup!

Everyone who knows my dog knows she is just a loving dog whose bark is for sure bigger than her bite. She is a hyper little dog and she loves to run, but she will never run too far. We take her up too my aunts all the time and she runs all around her property with her brother. Letting her run and play with her brother is great for us cause after she’s not as hyper. This is the reason we have made her our little pig hunting dog. She runs and plays with all the dogs and it helps her. She’s not only getting much much exercises but she’s not as hyper after.

She loves it she’s off leash and she gets to run knowing she won’t get in trouble but rewarded she knows that its ok to chases wild pigs cause that's what we want her to do. We have thought her what she’s allowed to chase and what she’s not allowed. Soon we are thinking of letting my aunt use her for her cows since she knows how too mostly. She loves it it’s in her nature to. It’s what she was bread to do chase things and we are ok with it as long as she comes back when she’s called.

If we had more property then we would let her run all around but we don't so we take her for lots of walks to the park and even to the dog park which is one of her most favored places.  Everyone who has ever met my dog has said she is the cutest thing but she also is a hand full. No matter what we do she will probably never be a non-hyper dog and we are ok with it we love her the way she is. We think we will bread her cause she would make some really cute pups, and those pups would be great hunting pups. My aunt says even though sunny is really hyper she would take some of those pups.  With how fast sunny got down hunting she would love one of those pups, very little training they would take.

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  1. My dog has a hyper problem too,and we let her run. The only thing is that she doesn't always listen when she is called. What are some of the techniques you used to get your dog to listen when called? Overall this post was great and i'm really interested in reading more about your dog and hope that I can use your tips to help me and my dog.