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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How To Train you're Dog Not to Jump

If you have a dog like mine, overly hyper and always jumping, then try some of these tips to get them to stop jumping.

Zak George is a dog trainer with all these great tips and videos on how to train your dog.
He says the root cause of jumping is lack of exercise and mental activity. The dogs are  just wanting to say hi cause dogs like to great you at you'r face.

He also says that you'r dog should know how to sit and stay solidly before.

  1. So the first thing you are going to do is make sure that the dog get zero attention till all four feet are on the ground.
  2. You want to look at the dog in the eyes and react quickly when they jump when they jump you want to remove yourself as quick as you can
  3. While they are sitting you want to try to touch them slowly, if they go to jump turn around and walk away as quick as you can
  4. If you can touch them without them jumping then pet softly or give them a treat.
  5. You must have them learn that they don't get any attention till they sit and stay
To stop you'r dog from jumping on people you must have you'r full attention on you dog and follow these steps

  1. Have the dog sit and stay 
  2. When the dog sits have the person slowly come up to them and pet them
  3. If the dog goes to jump have the person step back and get in-between the dog and the person
  4. Be constantly telling the dog to sit and stay 
  5. Do not let the person pet the dog till all four feet are on the ground 
  6. You can also have the person give them a treat


  1. Good information. It teaches step by step and for some people is really good. I really like your blog hope to see more about training pets.

  2. This is a very informative piece that'll help me with my future pets. My chocolate lab knows how to sit and was trained a similar way. Consistent training is the best way to help with obedience.